Let me guess...

  • You are joining all the Free Teacher Facebook Groups to ask questions like “What should I bring to my interview?” (Or you are stalking for all the answers… I see you over there!)
  • You’re scrolling Pinterest for things like “The Top Teacher Interview Tips”
  • You’ve recently Googled “Teacher Interview Questions”
  • You feel nervous about your interview and you’re secretly worried you are going to “bomb” it.
  • You feel unprepared and you’re not sure if you’ll stand out from the other candidates

You are spending hours trying to put everything together to “stand out” from the crowd. 

But what if I told you it didn't have to be this way?

What if instead you could:

  • Have everything you needed to prepare for your interview in one place
  • Confidently practice top teacher interview questions with your “It Factor”
  • Walk into your interview prepared and ready for the unexpected
  • Finally have that “Pinch Me” moment when you get offered the position

All the while, “standing out” from the other candidates.

And the best part?

I’ve already done all the work for you!

That’s why I created the Teacher Interview Workshop.

After hours of piecing everything together, I created a simple system to confidently land your next teaching position.

And now I’m ready to share this system with you!

Introducing the Teacher Interview Workshop!

Everything you need to land your dream job in one place.

By the end of the Teacher Interview Workshop, you will have:

  • The confidence to stand out from other candidates with your “it factor”
  • All of your Interview Assets set up and ready to go
  • Systems in place to flawlessly execute your interview like a pro
  • Leverage your takeaways to perfect your interview process

And you’ll be able to achieve all of this within a single weekend!

The workshop will be August 24th, at 10 am MT. And if you can't make it live, no worries! You will get access to the replay within 48 hours of the LIVE workshop.

Inside the Teacher Interview Workshop

You'll implement my signature method... the "Confident Teacher Framework!"

Hey there, I'm Helena!

Wondering who I am to be teaching you interview advice?

Hey there, I’m Helena and I'm system loving, Harry Potter Fan who loves to create systems inside the classroom to help you save time. 

During my student teaching, I had to jump a six foot fence to make an interview (no seriously)!

And you won’t believe what happened… I got hired on the spot!

Now you won’t have to jump a fence to get your next teaching position (I promise) but with the years of researching, being a part of several hiring committees, and applying for different districts I’m so excited to mainstream the process of starting your teacher career in a single weekend.

In this program you will learn:

Part 1- Feel confident about your interview by transforming your mindset and coming up with your “it” factor.

Part 2- Confidently be prepared for your interview by conducting research, creating your interview assets, and having it all laid out the night before. 

Part 3- Flawlessly answer your interview questions like a pro with these tips using your "It Factor."

Part 4- Positively reflect on the biggest takeaways from your interview process so that you can get even better for the next time.

PLUS as an added Bonus:

you will also get access to the Teacher Interview Companion Workbook.

Here's what will happen once you say yes...

First, you’ll log into your Member’s Portal and watch the Welcome Video. Then you’ll save the LIVE Workshop in your google calendar.

On the night of the workshop, you can join us with coffee in hand (chai tea for me please) ready to bust out all your assets for dominating your next interview. 

So if you add all of this together:

  • 1 Hour Workshop with Lifetime Access to the Replay and a Q&A section after ($67 Value)
  • Teacher Interview Companion Workbook ($27 Value)

Value: $94+

What you pay… $27!!!

But here's the thing, for this week you get it for $10 off!

Nope, this isn’t a joke!

Just insert the coupon code INTERVIEW and you will get $10 off until August 22nd, 2023.

I'm so confident that you'll love this workshop:

that I’ll give you 30 days to try it out. If you’re not completely satisfied after you’ve completed the workshop, I’ll refund the money, no questions asked. 

This course is closed for enrollment.


$27? What’s the catch?

There’s no catch! I wanted to provide a simple system teachers can use to land their next teaching position. Plus since you get LIFETIME Access you will can refer back to the workshop whenever you go through the interview process.

When is the workshop?

The workshop is August 24th at 10 am MT. 

How long is the workshop?

The workshop will be 1 hour or longer depending on the LIVE Q&A at the end of the workshop. 

What if I can’t access the live?

If you can’t access the LIVE no worries! You have lifetime access to the replay, and any updates I make. The replay will be posted to your portal within 48 hours of the LIVE Workshop.

How long will I have access to the content?

You will have LIFETIME access to the content and any updates we make.

Is there an app?

Yes! The workshop will be held on Zoom and then uploaded to your Member's Portal on Teachable (which has an app so you can download the app and listen to the replay on the go!)

What’s included?

Inside this program for Landing Your Dream Job You will get LIFETIME access to: The workshop (Replay Included), Teacher Interview Companion Workbook, and the Confident Teacher Framework

Who’s it for?

This workshop is for student teachers who are applying for their first teaching position OR new or experienced teachers looking to change districts or positions. 

What’s the refund policy?

You have 30 Days to try this program. If after 30 days you aren’t happy, email me at [email protected] and I will refund your money, no questions asked!

My question isn’t here, help!

Have a question that’s not here? Send me an email at [email protected]